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The Equal-i-zer® Hitch         

The Equal-i-zer® hitch's superior design makes it the best performing sway control hitch on the market. Four steel on steel friction points - known as Integrated 4-Point Sway Control™ - provide unmatched resistance to your trailer's attempts to sway. Equal-i-zer's Integrated 4-Point Sway Control is a combination of 4 positive friction areas that work together to combat trailer sway. Integrated 4-Point Sway Control is ...superior to "add-on" friction bars or cam-type systems that are used with conventional or chain-style weight distribution hitches.

The patented Equal-i-zer head adds two powerful points of rotational friction to resist trailer sway. Rotational friction works to stop side-to-side sway before it starts. The rotational friction sway control is activated by downward pressure from the trailer tongue and upward pressure on the spring arms. The spring arms link the rotational sway control to the sway control brackets and distribute trailer tongue weight. The rigidity of the sway control brackets allow the rotational friction sway control to safely and effectively hold the trailer in line behind the tow vehicle and combat sway before it starts.

-MFG Part #- 90-01-1400
-14,000# Max Trailer Weight
-1,400# Max Tongue Weight
-Adjustable Shank Included

*The best sway control from continuous sway resistance.
*Better steering and braking control from excellent weight distribution.
*Easy to install, set up, and use.
*Quality that lasts a lifetime - American Made!